Do you need rehab therapy in your home?

If you’ve been discharged from home health—where a physical, occupational, and/or speech therapist worked with you in your home—and you feel you still need that therapy to rehab you back to health, you may be eligible to continue receiving that therapy in the home.

First Choice Home Health offers outpatient therapy in the home. No need to sign up with another agency to continue your therapy. Now, the same physical, occupational, or speech therapist who treated you during your home health episode can continue treating you at home. Call us to learn how we can transition you to this service that’s called “outpatient therapy in the home.”

Pleasant caring woman helping with rehabilitation her disabled grandmother

Who pays for it?

For Medicare recipients, outpatient therapy is covered by Medicare Part B and supplemental insurance. For non-Medicare recipients, most health insurance plans cover this service.

This service is all part of our “Continuity of Care” that you can read about here. Please call us at (406) 551-2273 to learn more and get started today.

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