Is Home Health For You?

Answer these questions:

  1. Have you received a new diagnosis?
  2. Have your medications changed recently?
  3. Has your medical condition changed recently?
  4. Do you require therapy services?
  5. Do you require infusion services?
  6. Would you rather be cared for in your home than a nursing home?
Home Health Care for You

If you answered yes to any of these questions, First Choice Home Health could be right for you. We can customize a care program to meet your individual needs. Speak with your physician, or call First Choice Home Health today.

Home health care is covered by Medicare at 100%. There are no copays or deductibles for Medicare beneficiaries who meet eligibility requirements. Other medical insurance plan coverage and eligibility requirements vary by individual plan, but most plans do include skilled home health coverage.

General Medicare Eligibility Requirements:

  • Homebound status: In order to qualify for home health care services under the Medicare benefit, patients must be considered homebound. Medicare considers someone homebound when it takes a considerable and taxing effort to leave the home, and an individual requires the assistance of another person, equipment, or specialized transportation to safely leave the home.
  • Home health care services must be ordered by a physician- MD, DO, or podiatrist.
  • There must be a need for intermittent skilled services of a nurse or therapist.
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